Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alright, let's get busy

Here is my first start and finish for the new year. It's Lizzie*Kate's Winter Fob and I stitched the year at the bottom instead of the wreath and swirly wind.
I like the colors she used, not normally something I would put together so I'm glad I didn't change them, other than the placement in the houses.
My big project is the portrait of an American Indian. I was truly hoping to have finished it in 2011 but the last few weeks of the year brought an out of town funeral and upon return, a cold. Trying to get back in the groove, but still have the cold.
The fabric is an oops piece from Silkweaver Fabrics, it's 32 ct. Belfast dyed Cinnamon Roll. The picture isn't acurate because the color is more rust like the face. It's turning out beautifully, I now have the shoulders complete and need the rest of the bust, then up to the top to add the feather. This is a design that I have never stitched before, meaning an Indian. I always thought him captivating, the chart is dated 1989 so I've been waiting for the right fabric and now I've found it. My step daughter has asked if she could have it so it already has a home to go to.
My New Year's Resolution? to figure out how to make my blog look more fun. One day, I keep saying that about my blog. Maybe, one day in 2012. Who knows? Until next time, keep those needles flying!

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  1. Great stitching wnnka, I have become your new follower.
    Happy New Year.