Sunday, January 29, 2012

The fight over the Indian

When I began stitching this Indian and had only a portion of the face and some hair completed, my step-daughter asked if it was for anybody and I told her no. She asked how big would it be, I told her. Then she asked if she could have it. Wow, coming from her, that was a big compliment and of course I told her yes! She likes "white" for her home decor, just a few decorative touches on the walls, so this really was a shocker to hear her ask for it, she's never asked for any of my stitching items before although she has always admired my work.

As soon as I finished it, I posted a picture on facebook and my cousin immediately commented on it and soon got around to asking about having it. His house is a southwest decor and he loves indians so I expected him to like it, but he fell in love with it so much and really wanted it badly, so I told him that I would stitch one for him but I wouldn't start it for several months. He was really happy and I pictured him doing a happy dance as if he just won an ebay auction at the last second!

Then, I sent a picture of it to my sister so she could show the picture to my mom, who doesn't have a computer. My sister said it was beautiful and when will she get it! Ohhh myyy! No, I'm not stitching one for her, it's not part of her home's decor and besides, I have a large project in mind for her, a Victorian Lady called Perfect Poise from the Cross Stitch Collection British magazine, issue 202. It's more her style and I haven't given her anything in a few years, so the next project is for her.

Well, my husband and I showed my step-daughter the finished Indian and she loved it. Then my husband told her about the other people who wanted it and she said they could have it, but we informed her that no, it's for her and I'll stitch another for my cousin. Then she got excited again and did a little jig about it. Makes me feel so good! Here's the completed picture:
It is stitched on 32 ct. Belfast, hand-dyed by Silkweaver linen called Cinnamon Roll. The lighter splotches you see in the picture are actually on the fabric and looks like it is a painted on suede. I waited years to find the right fabric for this piece and I whole heartedly love how well they go together!

Since it's my husband's daughter, he wants a hand in it and will make a frame for it. We've been looking for some wood and so far haven't found what we have in mind. By looking, I mean out in the woods, down by the creeks and streams. Not wood from Home Depot or Lowe's. We may have spotted some wood but we have to ask permission to get on the property. Will post a picture of it framed when that happens. Now on to a few fast projects before that Victorian Lady starts to come to life.

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