Friday, July 23, 2010

The puppy did it again, sort of!

Our sweet little doggie has messed up in my son's bedroom again. This time she peed...on the bed!!! My son didn't wake me up to tell me, he just took the sheets off the bed and put them in the bathroom and slept with a blanket on top of him. When I went outside to see the dog, she started to jump on me as always, but I said "Bad dog" and she backed away, knowing what she had done. When I fed her, she stayed away from me and just looked at me. I don't like being mad at her, she's a sweet dog and is a big part of our family now.
We rescued her in March and never have been more happy with a dog than we are with her. She's a Brindle Pug, she's black with gold tiger stripes. Very unusual coloring and a great disposition. In hindsight, I now wish we hadn't had her spayed, she would have had some good looking pups. Ah well, back to forgiving the little thing. The sheets are washed and the comforter was washed at the laundromat and is hanging on the clothesline to dry. Her name is Nicki, and I call her Nickers, not to be confused with knickers.

On the stitching front, I finished the little bunny for the great-grandbaby last night and need to start another project tonight. It will be something I've never stitched before: Art Deco style lady. I'll get a picture posted once I get some stitches done.

Until then, Blessings to you and your needle!

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